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We Elect Policymakers Every 2 to 4 Years

This page will be in progress again for 2012 —

State-wide 2012 voter info here.  Find your county elections here.


Blog on WA Ed Funding by Rep. Hunter - Chair Ways & Means


State-wide elections for many public offices will be held November 26th, 2012. Up for election are legislative and policy making positions that are key to education funding. As election nears, candidates will be listed here.

Ä The list of every position and incumbent of 2012 elections is available from the WA Secretary of State website.

Ä Find the elected officials who represent your school district -2010 School Districts per Legislative District & PTA Region.

Note: majority above are the same for 2012, though some of these may be impacted by the 2011 congressional and legislative redistricting.

Ä Resources for finding and contacting current legislators

Ä Online voter registration is now available in WA.

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In the State Legislature, Representative seats are up every two years and Senate seats every 4 years.

All Federal Congressional seats are up in 2012.


The key positions next up for election (and the election year) include:

Governor (4 yrs): 2012

Lt. Governor (4 yrs): 2012

State Treasurer (4 yrs): 2012

State Auditor (4 yrs): 2012

Superintendent of OSPI (WA Dept. of Ed) (4 yrs): 2012

Early Learning & K-12 Education Comm. Chair: 2012


Senate Majority Leader / Rules Committee: 2010


Education Committee (Asst Ranking Minority Member) / Appropriations Subcommittee on Education (Asst Ranking Minority Member) / Higher Education (Ranking Minority Member) / Appropriations Committee: 2012


Finance Committee Chair / Appropriations Subcommittee on Education / Appropriations Committee: 2012


Early Learning & Children’s Services Chair / Appropriations Subcommittee on Education / Appropriations Committee: 2012



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A Voter’s 2008 Guide from Washington State PTA