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WSPTA Focus Day — WA State PTA’s advocacy event in Olympia

The new Focus Day Rally — Attendee Resources

The Rally on the Steps is an outstanding success—thank you to volunteers, attendees, speakers, legislators, volunteers all - you made Focus Day!

Focus Day in Olympia Jan /Feb, 20?? - WSPTA Info!

Following below is info and records from the 2009  event - many of the resources are still relevant, and updated on  WSPTA’s F.D. website.

¨ 2009 FD Overview - Video, Photos & Blog:

     Fun 2-Min Recap Video! by S. Orth LU-15.2  -  thank you!

     What We Learned at Focus Day - a 7 minute recap by M. Loschen   -  thank you!

     Photo Slideshow Event Coverage - Valentine  -  Photo Album - Alber  -  Facebook Photos  -  Valentine

     LEV Pics of the Rally  -  LEV Blog on event

¨ 2009 FD - KING 5:  News Video

¨ 2009 FD - SeattleTimes.com: Web Video  -  Blog

2009 Rally Speaker Clips on YouTube: Volunteer M. Loschen’s video and postings -  thank you!

¨ WSPTA’s President Laura Bay’s Welcome & Intro

¨ Education Assistant to the Governor Judy Hartmann, for Gov. Gregoire

¨ Chair of Senate Education Comm. Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe  -  Dem.’s video. of Sen. McAuliffe Speech

¨ Chair of House Appropriations / BEFJTF Rep. Ross Hunter

¨ BEFJTF Rep. Skip Priest

¨ State Board of Education’s  President Mary Jean Ryan

¨ OSPI Asst. Sup. Robert Harkins, for Sup. Randy Dorn

¨ Public Schools Employee President Judy Owens

¨ Lk Wa. School District Sup. Chip Kimball

¨ League of Education Voter’s Lisa Macfarlane

¨ WA African-American Roundtable’s Cheryl Jones

¨ PTA Connie Gerlitz—Bellevue

¨ PTA Deb Nolan—Friday Harbor

¨ PTA April Walker—Puyallup

¨ PTA Lois Schipper—Highline

¨ White River School District’s Teresa Meyer

¨ A fun collection of crowd shots (you may already be a STAR!)

· Talk on Math & Science with Julie Wright

· Pre-Focus Day Event Sign Making & Volunteers



When:  February 26, 2009,  12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM                    Focus Day Agenda and Event Description

Where:  Legislative Capitol Building, Olympia, WA       

Byron Shutz  &  Shelley Kloba, WSPTA Focus Day Co-Chairs 2008-09

bcshutz@comcast.net   shelley@kloba.com

List of FD Resources for attending the one-day event (you may get the standard warning message about opening a file  — all these files are virus-free).

There are big changes this year to PTA’s annual advocacy event in Olympia — You are invited!

Focus Day is direct civic empowerment, and powerful advocacy.  Along with once-in-a-lifetime, game-changing legislative events, this year with our advocacy friends could be the deal maker.

This year we’ll be out in the open up front of the Capitol Dome – a Rally On The Steps!

It is time to be a part of a visible change, and definitely not a time to leave it up to someone else.

This is your time to act with your WSPTA – advocacy in full view. 2009 is different with the coming of a long anticipated say since the Washington Learns 2006 study of our state’s education system. The wait ended with the recent release of the final report by the Basic Education Finance Joint Task Force (Outline of the Report). This is the year we want the media, people of influence and everyone to know where WSPTA stands.

Focus Day conveys our public commitment to build an understanding for the legislative perspective and process, to influence legislator’s position on issues and a rapport to prompt their taking action. 

Focus Day is a public event to demonstrate the broad backing and unified coalition supporting a legislative mandate that WSPTA champions.  In February from the Capitol steps we’ll all show just how deep and strong our support is for our legislators’ commitment to education.  The day is shared with many fellow advocates showing up to collaborate and collectively make a difference, confident in knowing our coming together generates change.  Please join us, and contact us with any questions or suggestions you have for Focus Day.

Resources for Planning and Attending Focus Day 2009

(You may get the standard warning message about opening a file, though all these files are virus-free).

Your Legislator Contact Info

Find Your School District’s Legislative Districts

Find and Contact Your District Legislators – The Advocate’s Full Database

 (a large file, slow to load but worth it!)

2009 Focus Day Agenda and Event Description

How-to Guides to Attending What you need to know before you go

¯ Practical Tips to Attending Focus Day '09 – Olympia Event Directions & Details

¯ Check-List for Bus & Carpool Organizers

¯ How-to Make Signs for the Rally and Event

¯ Olympia Capital Campus Map & Parking Info

¯ List of ‘09 Appointments with Legislators (PDF)

¯ Meeting with Your Legislator: Guide to Advocacy Conversations Anytime

How-To Request Your Legislator be Pulled Off the Floor To Meet

Share Your Advocacy Experience via a Legislator Post-Contact Report

¯ Participate Virtually in Focus Day - Send a CapWiz Email

How-To Participate Virtually if You Can't Attend - Send Online Email

How-To Contact Your Local Media with a Press Release

Olympia Hotels for Overnight Stays

Info Resources

Top 5 Legislation Issues 2009

WA Citizen Guide to K-12 Finance 2008

WA Citizen Guide to The State Budget 2008

Last Year’s FD-2008 Legislator Appointment Schedule

Member's Promotional Resources

Promotional Flyer (1pg PDF)

Promotion Slideshow for Local Units (PowerPoint)

Promotion Slideshow for Local Units (PDF of PowerPoint)

Talking Points for Local Units - Explain Focus Day

Sample Focus Day Newsletter Article (ready-to-use)

Sample FD Petition & Letter for Local Unit Boards

Focus Day Volunteer Opportunities

Transportation Info to FD

Check-List for Bus & Carpool Organizers

How-To Rent a Charter Bus to Focus Day

How-To Organize a Carpool to Focus Day

Template Files for Organizing Carpool & Bus Riders (Excel file)

Template Files for Organizing Carpool & Bus Riders (PDF of Excel)

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