Understand the consequences of underfunded K-12 students

Funding Tree Diagram — The many branches swaying in the political breeze

Trying To Take It All In

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There are so many intertwined, always moving pieces to the funding puzzle — this diagram is an attempt to visualize the major branches of the trees in the funding forest.

Funding Washington Schools

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from OSPI, displaying the primary Basic Education programs

where funding shortfalls must be addressed.



Revenues (4%)

Higher Education (11%)

Government Operations (3%)

Human Services (38%)

Natural Resources (2%)

Transportation (>1%)

Special Appropriations (5%)

Text Box: 72%

Local taxes (16%)

Federal sources





Bldg Admin (6%)

Transpo (4%

Central Admin (6%)

Teaching Support (8%)

Food Services (4%)

Other Support Services (11%)

Public schools (41%)

Basic Ed Funding (diagram by League of Women Voters)