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Funding Washington Schools

2007 WSPTA Presentation & Support Materials

The original PowerPoint version was available by CD in the spring of 2007 — here are all the files you may need to give that presentation — a brief description follows immediately below.

Introduction Info:

¨ Overview & Outline of the Presentation

¨ README File to the Presentation CD

An Overview of the 2007 WSPTA Presentation -

“The Crisis in Funding For Public Education: Your Child’s Future Is at Stake”   Authors: Barbara Billinghurst and Byron Shutz

The CD contains ready-to-use educational materials for informing an audience on WA State’s underfunding of public education.

Who Presents:  Anyone.

Presentation Length: Approx. 28 to 40 minutes.

What Is Required:  A willing- ness to educate others!

The Files for the 2007 Presentation, and Support To Deliver It

The CD’s files provide all the materials you need to host a presentation, starting with a choice of one of 2 versions of the PowerPoint slideshow:

1a–EF Crisis Msg Narrated Show.ppt:  This PowerPoint file has a full narration that runs by itself as a “movie” – play it as-is for a fully ready-to-go presentation–under 28 minutes. (It’s a large file; may run best directly from a computer’s hard drive - copy it from the CD)

1b–EF Crisis Msg Quiet Show.ppt:  This PowerPoint version is the same slides with the verbatim text for a live presenter to narrate the slideshow – approx. 40 minutes.

2–EFC Presentation How-To Tips & Notes.doc:  This document offers numerous tips and background data plus the full text of the slideshow’s script for 1b-EF Crisis Msg Quiet Show; several appendices elaborating the WSPTA funding positions, the current WA high school graduation requirements, and a ranking by UW of all WA high schools GPA comparisons.

3–EFC Audience Resources Handout.doc:  A 1-page flyer handout listing advocacy resources and sources for further information.

4–EFC Advertising Flyer.doc:  A simple poster/flyer to advertise the presentation—updated version

5–EFC Sign-In Form.doc:  A simple form to collect contact info on your attendees.

6–EFC Letter of Invite.doc:  A letter template you may adapt to formally invite your district Superintendent or administrators, or any local officials, to your presentation.


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New Additions to FWS

¨ Online video of Reps. Hunter and Jarret and Sen. Tom presenting an overview of their proposal to the BEF Task Force, Basic Ed Funding: A Model School Approach — great viewing, 1 1/2 hours.

¨ A New Finance Model to Meet the Needs of Today’s Students by BEF member legislators R. Hunter / G. Anderson / F. Jarret / P. Sullivan / R. Tom / S. Priest.

Presentations Delivered to the BEF Task Force

Many education entities and stakeholders gave presentations on various topics—here are some to date (all may be found on the BEF website too).

¨ K-12 Finance: Depth, Breadth, and Causes of a Looming Finance Crisis, Oct. 2008: OSPI Report to BEF Task Force by Jennifer Priddy

¨ Overview of the Budget Process, July 14, 2008: by Dave Johnson, Office of Program Research. Explains how the legislature develops a biennium budget.

¨ K-12 Public Schools Budget: Base Budget Issues, July, 2008 – by Ben Rarick, Committee Staff. A basic overview of current budget structure & funding metrics; overview of agency (OSPI) budget & activities; analysis of provisos in the base budget; and summary of base budget issues for the coming session.

¨ Together We Can Improve Outcomes for All Children, July 2008: by WA State PTA. PTA’s vision of making every child’s potential a reality, shaped by individual advocacy positions that their Legislative Assembly has approved regarding the definition of basic education and how it is, or should be, financed in Washington state. WSPTA offers a set of principles to respectfully suggest the Committee may want to use as it evaluates the proposals that are being put forward.

¨ School Construction Subcommittee Report:

¨ K-12 Financial Outlook: Why Are District Finance Problems and Looming Cuts Deeper and More Widespread Than In Recent Years? OSPI School Report to BEF Task Force by Jennifer Priddy:

¨ Tom Ahearne's (NEWS) presentation highlights important concepts from the key education decisions (and with a little humor).

More Presentations


WA Learns The State Constitution  and School Funding in Washington: What Policy-Makers Need to Know .

League of Education Voter’s “Did You Know?” campaign

More Presentations Available on YouTube

The “Do You Know” series of observations of the changing world:

Do You Know #1


Do You Know #2


Do You Know #3


Other video:

Washington Association of School Administrators - Generations of Progress Presentation Toolkit:


Presentation by WASA

The “Generations of Progress” PowerPoint Presentation:

¨ Outline & Notes PDF of the “Generations of Progress” Presentation

¨ PowerPoint Presentation “Generations of Progress