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About these Slideshow Presentations

Volunteers within the WA State PTA began developing PowerPoint presentations to help explain how declining revenues and increasing costs have led school districts to their current critical juncture.

The 2008 slideshows are all new as of May

The goal is to inform the general public and encourage you to support the 21st century goals pursued through the full funding of WA’s Basic Education programs, and the supplemental enhancement programs intended to be funded by local levy property taxes — you will find out why neither currently are. 

The PowerPoint presentations reviews these points -

· Explain the state’s legal duty to fund Basic Education

· Describe the basics of funding processes

· Convey the inter-related complexities of funding policies

· Illustrate some of the problems with state’s funding formulas

· Depict how we got into an education funding crisis

· Demonstrate the consequences to students and their futures

· Outline what the State is doing to address the issues

All You Need: The presentations include a set of ready-to-use PowerPoint slideshows, supporting materials with a word-by-word script, audience invitation templates, planning tools, etc. All of these are available to download directly from this site for your use with your audiences.

The Data: You will likely see & hear different statistics from other sources – the data in these shows reflect the best data we have, and most of it is corrected for local WA circumstances versus just national averages.

The sources and websites are available for all data presented in the 2007 “The Crisis in Funding For Public Education.

PTA Approved: The WA State PTA has approved the PowerPoint presentation The Crisis in Funding For Public Education”, which is fully documented with sources, and the presentation “How Did We Get Here?”.

If you are interested in presenting these slideshows yourself to another group, you are welcome and encouraged to download a set of all these files for you to give a “live” show, including the full word-by-word script to read per slide.


Funding Washington Schools

NEW 2008 PowerPoint Presentations

NEW as of October 2008:

(You will get the standard warning message about opening a file  — though all these files are virus-free).


¨ It’s Basic” slideshow —  insights into our WA State funding problem—a brief and terrifically effective message from WSPTA’s Ed Comm. on Basic Ed Finance!

¨ WSPTA Focus Day slideshow — an overview of the changes to a Rally On The Steps for this annual advocacy event in Olympia Feb. 26, 2009, and how it will be easier to participate in person or online; presented at WSPTA Legislative Assembly Oct. 4, 2008.

Sets of files for two different presentation are available to view online, or to download to your computer to watch or to give yourself as a presentation. A brief description of each presentation and their supporting materials follows below:

Presentation A) “How Did We Get Here?” — K. Munn:

This short presentation is for those interested in gaining a beginning understanding of ed funding concepts. It outlines the basics of how funding occurs and how we got into a funding crisis.

¨ Watch it now (as a GoogleDoc)

¨ View / Download the Outline & Notes PDF

¨ View/Download the PowerPoint Presentation

Presentation B)The Crisis in Funding For Public Education” —

Barb Billinghurst & Byron Shutz:

This presentation conveys a fuller understanding of the basics on funding processes, how we arrived at an ed funding crisis, and what the State is doing to address the issues. This show illustrates the inter-related complexities of WA State’s funding of education and what we all need to do to help determine and support the solutions.

¨ Watch it now (as a GoogleDoc—slow to load, patience please)

¨ View / Download the Outline & Notes (Word.doc)

¨ View / Download the PowerPoint Presentation

            (New as of May 8th—Office 2007 version)

Also available is a PowerPoint 2003-compatible file of the original May 1st presentation—The Crisis in Funding For Public Education

Additional supporting documentation:

¨ EFC Audience Resources Handout.doc—A 2-page flyer handout listing advocacy resources and sources for further information.

¨ EFC Letter of Invite.doc—A letter template you may adapt to formally invite your district Superintendent or administrators, or any local officials, to your presentation

About the Presentation Authors

Authors of the WSPTA “Crisis in Funding” presentation & materials:

   Barb Billinghurst — bb2bilkel@comcast.net

   Byron Shutz — bcshutz@comcast.net

Author of the WSPTA “How Did We Get Here?” presentation:

  Kelly Munn — kellymunn@comcast.net

Sharing accurate knowledge is the goal

awareness becomes the momentum to mobilize a community’s interests —

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