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Advocates for public education may learn and choose between a growing number of collaborative solutions and resources. There are  as many approaches to understanding the issues as there are consequences to the problem, and nearly as many proposals to address them. We have much to learn and masses of info available.

This site is a convenient place to start. As you learn more, you may wish to dig deeper into a particular issue.

Without having to leave this site you may:

· Learn more about WA State efforts to reform ed funding, including the Education Reform bill ESHB 2261 passed in 2009, two very influential committees of 2006 through 2009, Basic Education Finance Task Force and Washington Learns Committee.

· Read through the five core Issues to the left, and explore links within each. Also look there to explore the Resources and How To Advocate features that most interest you.

· Explore numerous links to resources and info on a list of websites arranged in categories relevant to school funding issues.

· Access specific School District funding processes and budget data to see what your district is doing, and how it compares to others.

· Search through information on WA funding reforms underway.

· Look through a set of presentation materials to help you become better informed and to educate others.

Ed Funding Presentations and Info Materials

Volunteers have developed PowerPoint presentations to explain how declining revenues and increasing costs have led school districts to their current critical juncture.

Many districts have had to cut programs and reduce staff in vital areas that affect student learning. All students now pay a price for inadequate funding. And in the future, everyone will pay a price if we don’t help get it fixed.

The PowerPoint presentations review these points:

· explain the state’s legal duty to fund Basic Education

· describe the basics of funding processes

· conveys the inter-related complexities of funding policies

· illustrate some of the problems with state’s funding formulas

· depicts how we got into an education funding crisis

· demonstrates the consequences to students and their futures

· outlines what the State is doing to address the issues

Our goal is to inform the general public and encourage you to support full funding of basic education. 

Many WSPTA local units are proactively engaged in leading this public education of our community too. The WA State PTA has approved several of the PowerPoint presentation.

All of these files are available to download from this site.

2008 Presentations

Still relevant today!

Funding Washington Schools

Web Resources List

LEV’s “Legislature for Dummies” info

Seattle Times - Legislature Who’s Who

WA State Ed Finance Reports

WA State Budget process explained

Two thorough resources explain education funding in WA, and the data on dollars and fiscal statistics:

A Citizen’s Guide to K-12 Public School Finance 2012

Compare to a previous versions -

A Citizen’s Guide to K-12 Public School Finance 2011

A Citizen’s Guide to K-12 Public School Finance 2009

WA-OSPI’s Guide to Organization and Financing of WA Schools

OSPI Find funding data allocations specific to your District and school: 

· District Allocation of State Resources 2011-12 - Excel File

School District Data from ‘08-09  available: specific reports include Funding per Pupil per District (9 pg PDF, avail. as Excel also plus a re-sort showing District ranking).

Advocacy Reports on Funding

More illustrations of changing demands and underfunding:

League of Ed Voter’s June report to BEF—”A Way Forward” offers proposals to transform ed finance and drive gains in student achievement,.

WSPTA ReportWA State School Finances: Does Every Child Count?

WSPTA ReportCase Study Part 1: 3 Districts Struggle with Inadequate Funding” and “Case Study Part 2: 3 Districts Struggle with Inadequate Funding

Roles expected of American public education have expanded over the decades— its likely schools will continue to be asked to fulfill even more social and economic services.

Solutions on the Near Horizon

See FWS homepage for current bill activities & updates.

Done in May ‘09: Two years work by the Basic Education Joint Task Force steered the contentious 2009 legislative session to bill ESHB 2261, signed into final law in May—major reform of the decade.

Done in Jan. ‘09: The Basic Education Finance Joint Task Force (a.k.a. BEF), a bipartisan group appointed by the Governor, was charged with redefining basic education and developing appropriate funding structures. This legislative Task Force proposed new solutions as legislative bills to fulfill the Washington Learns committee final report for the Legislature to take up in its Jan-Apr 2009 session.

The solutions rests on you and

in actions with our state legislature in ESHB 2261

and the QEC work groups formed by 2261 bill.

School District Links and Info

Look at data and stats specific to your school district and school building. Click here for more school district data and info.

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