Average Penis Size and Sexual Satisfaction – Do Men Really Want to Be Bigger?

A question that thousands of men around the world frequently ask is “How long does it take to get an average penis sizes by nationality?” A common answer to this question is that it depends on how big you are. Other men who wish to know the answer to this question would be those who are average in other areas, but have small penises. It doesn’t make sense to have an average size penis if you happen to have one of the largest. The truth is, a penis is made up of muscles and tissues just like every other part of the body.

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Average penis size varies on several factors, such as erection length and width when erect and flaccid. When flaccid, average penis size is defined as the length of the erect penis, while when erect it is measured as the width. There are many factors that contribute to these measurements, but the end result is still the same. These factors, however, are derived from the erectile tissue or erectile ducts.

While erect length and width are the most commonly asked questions about this subject, girth is often overlooked. The shaft of the penis, which is mostly composed of ligaments and other supportive tissues, is called the erectile tissue. The erectile tissue is stretched continuously when the man is sexually aroused. When blood enters the penile shaft during an erection, it is pushed forward until it meets the girth. The girth is referred to as the erectile length.

Girth has a lot to do with the way men perceive their penises. Men with large penises are frequently seen as being more endowed, because the spaces between the erectile tissues are wider than the erectile shaft. This creates an impression that a larger penis provides more stimulation. But girth is not the only factor that contributes to the size perception. A large penis is also said to be more efficient in achieving a deeper penetration and orgasm.

Some men with smaller penises have the misconception that having a larger penis gives them more control over their erections and help them achieve more intense orgasms. The truth is that larger penises just have better support and stronger ligaments. This can help make an erection last longer, but that is not because the penis is capable of achieving more intense orgasms. Erections can be maintained for as long as a man wants it to, which means there is no real relationship between size and orgasm intensity.

A second common question about average penis length is whether it will make a difference in sexual satisfaction. There was a study published in Psychological Review, that looked at self Reported sexual satisfaction among men who had an average penis length. This study found that there was no significant difference between men with large penises and those with smaller ones. This is not surprising, because the number of women a man engages in sexual activity with is not directly correlated with his size. This study published in the Journal of Sex Research is only one of many that find no significant relationship between penis length and sexual satisfaction by partner.

A final common question that has been asked about penis enlargement is whether using traction devices, pumps, weights, and so on actually work. The results of this study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine are inconclusive, at best. The lead author of the study, Professor Robin Campingham, claims that his results demonstrated that “traction devices” caused a reduction in penile curvature. However, nobody but the professor knew how this would affect sexual pleasure because there were no controls made to see how people felt when given different amounts of traction.

The lack of controls allows us to conclude that any effect the size of the penis had on sexual pleasure was null. One can only speculate what would happen if you combined the results of Campingham’s study with another penis enlargement method that involved tying a balloon animal. The animal penis would soon be much larger than it was before and therefore, people would feel more comfortable having sex with the ballooned penis. At least that is the conclusion I came to after doing my own research and I’m willing to bet that the results of this research would be the same.