What Does a Land Surveyor Do and How Can They Help You in Real Estate Transactions?

What does a land surveyor do? Identifying property boundaries, defining setbacks, and zoning violations are all part of their duties. Involvement in real estate transactions is another area in which they can help you. This article will discuss a few of the other tasks they may perform. Read on to learn more about this highly-skilled profession.

Involvement in real estate transactions

A survey is an important element of nearly every real estate transaction. Condominium sales do not require surveys, but the contract for sale of a property provides the buyer a window of time to obtain one or to notify the seller of any defects. A sydney surveyors map is a legal description of the property, depicting the lot shape and size, all improvements, setbacks, and any other features that are unique to a property. In addition, the survey map must be certified to the buyer’s lender, title underwriter, and closing agent.

Land Surveying Importance before Buying a Property

The role of a land surveyor is vital for many reasons. Surveys provide documentation of the physical features of property and the boundaries of various parcels. Survey information is often based on previous deeds, recorded covenants, and restrictions, and an actual field survey. Perimeter, boundary, and foundation surveys are two common types of surveys. The latter two types are used to plan improvements to a property.

Identifying property boundaries

Determining property boundaries can be a challenging task without proper training. Fortunately, many properties have hidden markers in their corners that you can follow to identify property lines. Additionally, surveyors typically leave flags at metal markers that are buried with a cap sticking up. Despite the lack of visible markers, they can be helpful for measuring new subdivisions and properties. In some cases, a land surveyor can also help you determine improvements on your property.

The purpose of a land surveyor’s report is to establish property boundaries. This includes identifying the boundaries of structures on your property and the encroachments of adjacent properties. In some cases, a land surveyor is required to create a detailed map of property boundaries. This map is used for many purposes, including determining acreage, identifying encroachments, and preparing written reports. Whether you are planning to build a new building or subdivision, you will need a land surveyor’s help.

Defining setbacks

Setting back from the property line, or setback, is an important part of zoning regulations. For example, the rear setback is equal to the front setbacks of neighboring properties. In some areas, setbacks are higher for structures that exceed certain heights, while they are lower for accessory buildings. A land surveyor can help determine how to set back a building from the lot line.

Defining setbacks can be tricky if the zoning authority has a different definition of what constitutes “front” and “back.” Often, a surveyor will not know what zoning regulations require as far as setbacks are concerned, so he can’t determine exactly what that means. In some cases, it may not be possible to define the front of a property, and the land surveyor will need to present evidence to support his or her position.

Identifying zoning violations

Identifying zoning violations with staking and a land surveyor is one way to avoid problems with your property. Zoning violations can occur without you even realizing it. When your property has been used illegally, you could face legal action. If you’ve ever asked a real estate agent if a driveway is allowed on a property, they will likely tell you that they don’t. However, a land surveyor can help you avoid a lot of this hassle by showing you the zoning restrictions that apply to your property.

Another benefit of hiring a land surveyor to conduct a property inspection is that he can identify encroachments on your property. While the damage may not be visible at first, encroachments can cause legal issues and adverse possession claims. Not only can they affect your property’s value, but they may also cause you to lose insurance on your property. So it’s essential to hire a professional if you want to protect your property from such problems.

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